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Paperless, Electronic Bill of Lading
Tracking and Management Software


Managing paper Bill of Lading can be a nightmare for drivers and dispatch, resulting in lost time and money. nuDeliverIt lets your drivers secure bill of lading at the point of delivery. Manage all of your Bill of Lading electronically!

Paperless Document Management

nuDeliverit lets you create, capture and manage your bill of lading in real time, all simply using a mobile phone. Drivers simply use their mobile phones to snap photo verification of delivery. They can also photo-capture the condition of the shipment, get electronic signatures for proof of delivery and send all documents to dispatch through their mobile phone connection.

Dispatch receives all shipping documents in real-time! All of your bill of lading and shipping documents can be managed remotely. All of your delivery tracking data is also completely secure, accurate, and safely stored.

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