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Geofencing, real-time ETAs and photo condition capture create true 360° visibility


Interfaces perfectly with your existing TMS via our cloud-based platform


Supercharge your operator dashboards and put your KPIs on steroids

360° Supply Chain Visibility Makes Your TMS Run on Rocket Fuel!

Our enterprise-class delivery tracking software exists as an iOS/Android app and desktop portal integrating perfectly with your existing TMS to empower your entire fleet (independent contractor, partner or private fleet) with real-time visibility. Maximize driver utilization, optimize your fleet and scale capacity like never before.
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Take Your Customer Satisfaction Scores to the Next Level

Full Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) visibility helps ensure customer and partner satisfaction. Scorecard your fleet, shippers and customers with our business intelligence engine/Big Data analytics fueling your own exceptions management reports. Finally, you can achieve the sky high Customer Service KPIs you need to stand out from your competitors.
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Experience Real-Time Load Tracking of all Your Carriers

Manage all shipments with real-time GPS location visibility telling you where your shipments are, what condition they're in and when they will arrive with to-the-minute ETAs. Electronic proof of delivery and bill of lading complete the picture.

It’s the evolution of delivery tracking software - powered by predictive analytics and geofenced notifications.

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Award Winning Solutions for Supply Chain Logistics & Workforce Solutions

We achieve it with our advanced software, extensive logistics experience and supply chain mastery that no one else offers.

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Product Capabilities

See how nuDeliverIt, a cloud based delivery platform with a mobile app extension elevates your customers' experience. This robust platform enables total visibility of your delivery execution from your dispatchers and drivers, to your partners and customers.

Get in touch with one of our Product Specialists.

"nuDeliverIt offers us the ability to focus on customer satisfaction – knowing where the delivery is at all times, predicting any potential time window misses, having the ability to see proof of deliveries in real time, and optimizing our routes to ensure both cube utilization and accurate appointment times."

Eric Hepburn, EVP

“We are excited to automate the entire pick-up and delivery process and gain the advantages the nuDeliverIt solution will deliver for our business.”

Glenn Adelaar, CIO

“We found an ideal partner that shares the same vision both in technology and in customer service. We are excited about the possibilities of the nuDeliverIt solution for our last mile business.”

Ray Fennelly, Executive Vice President

"nuDeliverIt solution was a good fit for JB Hunt because it addressed all of the problems that we had. Those included providing real-time visibility to our customers, providing an electronic signature with the proof of delivery, [and] allowing us to scan at the point of delivery to reduce our customers' claims exposure. Since we have implemented nuVizz's nuDeliverIt, the end consumers' surveys have improved regarding visibility and proof of delivery process."

John Vargo, Vice President of Operations


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